Italian Neapolitan Mandolin Makers Alphabetic 4   

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Builders Alphabetical List

   These are photos that I have collected over the years on the internet. The information about each is often very limited. I have had to rely on the spelling of others taken from Italian labels, often torn, dirty, or partly missing. So, it is possible that some of the instruments are in fact by the same maker, even though I may have attributed it to a name spelt a little differently. Any thoughts or extra information would be very useful.


Oreste Pacini, Naples

Gennaro Palumbo, Naples


Pandini, Naples (modern)


Alfonso de Pasquale



E. Pedrazzo

Perrari, Naples

Francesco Peretti & Figl., Naples

Francesco Perretta, Naples

Emilio Perrodi, Naples


Fernando de Perugia, Trieste

Carlo Giuseppe Picino, Naples


Fratelli Pinaceia


Adriano Poggeli, Naples

Ponticello, Palermo


Luigi Poppi, Palermo


Rosario Porto & Figl. Catania

Portopiccola, Catania

La Preferita, Naples


Alfredo Privatera (later C20)

(successor to Puglisi)

Giuseppe Puglisi Reale & Figli., Catania


Giuseppe Quaglia, Naples

Mario Quaglia


(thanks to Herbert Huttmeir)


Giovanni Raffaello

Antonio Ranaldi, Naples

(thanks to Herbart Huttmeir)

Rapisarda Venera, Catania

Giuseppe Rasponi, Catania

Marco Rebora, Naples

Paolo Ricardi


Luigi Ricci

Carlo Ricordo, Naples

Luigi Rico, Naples

Ridellio, Naples

Carlo Rinaldi, Naples



Alberico Rivellini

Salvatore Rogis, Naples

L Romano & Castellone, Naples

(from Chas.Richardson)


Romito & Carbone



Luigi Rossi, Rome

Fratelli Rossi, Rome


Salvani Rossoni, Naples

Gennaro Rubino, Naples (student of Frat. Vinaccia)

Pietro Ruffini, Bresca

Orazio Romana, Palma??

Ruggeri, Torino


Castorina Ruggero, Catania


Luigi Ruocco, Naples




Antonio Sabatini

Giuseppe Sacco, Naples & Berlin

Francesco Salomone,  Naples


Luigi Salsedo, Naples



Domenico Salvadori, Naples


A Salvino, Naples & Catania (student of Vinaccia)

Vincenzo Sannino, Naples


Alessandro Santoni, Naples



G. Santorino


Gaetano Sapienza, Catania

Giuseppe Sataro

Carlo Sartori, Naples


Giuseppe Scanzoni, Catania & Naples


Fransesco Scarpa

C Schmidt, Fernando del Perugia

Giuseppe Gargano Scrofani, Catania

Giuseppe Seraphino, Naples (student of G. Vinaccia)


Carmine Silvesttri, Naples


Ermelinda Silvestri, Catania and Rome

Soredino, Naples

Pasquale Soriani, Naples

Salvatore Spadaro, Catania


J. Spaliosi, Naples

Lo Splendo





Nicola Spoto, Naples

(thanks to Noud Koevoets)

Giuseppe Starita

La Stella, Catania

Edoardo Stellati


Stiglia, Naples

Luigi Stoppa

Giovanni Stradella, Naples


Paolo Stradini & Figl., Naples

Luciano Strano


Stridente, Naples


Superba, Naples



SNE, Catania



Sylvani, Catania