Italian Neapolitan Mandolin Makers

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   To my knowledge, there is as yet no publication detailing the many Italian Neapolitan mandolin makers. During the course of my restoration and renovation of many mandolins, I have collected some information on this subject, and hope here to throw a little more light on the artisans who produced such beautiful instruments. I would welcome contributions from any other enthusiasts. If you have a mandolin by a maker that I don't list here, I would be pleased to receive full-length, front and back photos, and the details of the label or top-stamp.


Important Mandolin Builders (cc.1890-1930)


In his 'Manuale Teorico-Practico del Mandolinista' of 1923, arguably the end of the Golden Age of the Mandolin, Agostino Pisani cites the following as notable makers, perhaps a more reliable guide than the number of extant instruments to be seen today.

Naples: Vinaccia Fratelli; Maratea, Michele & Domenico E Figli; Esposito, Fratelli Pasquale & Gaetano; Calace, Raffaele; Rubino, Gennaro; Loveri, Carlo & Figli; Ricci, Luigi; Abbate, Alessandro & Figli;

Catania: Carabba Fratelli; Indelicato, Salvatore;  Porto, Rosario & Figli; Alfio, Bianca Francesco; Puglisi Reale & Figlio; Silvestri, Ermelinda;

Firenze: Maurri R. & Fratelli; Lybeert, Alessandro & Figli; Casini, Seraphino; Del Perugia, Fernandino;

Rome: Valente, Raffaele; De Santis, Giovanni & Figli; Embergher, Luigi;

Others Locations: Compare, Vittorio in Livorno; Albertini, Carlo & Figli in Milan (mandolini lombardi only); Ventura, Enrico, and Cesana, Carlo in Carate-Brianza; Rocca, Enrico fu Giuseppe in Genoa; Bruno, Carlo in Torino; Garganesi, Vito & Antonio in Monopoli; Mozzani, Prof. Liuteria in Cento, Ferrara;  and Averna, Gesualdo in Caltanissetta.


The links below to individual, highly regarded mandolin builders. (Click on the name below the mandolin)
Embergher Rome Vinaccia Naples Ceccherini Calace de Meglio Ferrari
Puglisi Loveri Maratea Salsedo De Santis Lombardic mandolins
The links below are to general alphabetic pages of Italian mandolin makers; 
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