Italian Neapolitan Mandolin Makers Alphabetic 3          

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Builders Alphabetical List

   These are photos that I have collected over the years on the internet. The information about each is often very limited. I have had to rely on the spelling of others taken from Italian labels, often torn, dirty, or partly missing. So, it is possible that some of the instruments are in fact by the same maker, even though I may have attributed it to a name spelt a little differently. Any thoughts or extra information would be very useful.


Fratelli Hasermann, Naples

Giovanni Hasermann, Naples

(also spelt Kasermann)


Fiorentino Ingenito

Mario Indelicato, Catania


Salvatore Indelicato, Catania



C A Kisslinger


La Divina, Napoli

Achille Lanfranco & Figl., Naples


Ferdinando Lapini, Naples

Adolfo Lauri, Naples

Lazzaro, Naples

L. F. C (probably Luigi Fenga & Co)



Dr Alfio Leone & Salvatore, Catania

Goffredo Leone, Naples


Gennaro Lingetti, Naples

Carlo Lorenzo, Naples

Carlo Loveri & Figl., Naples

G. Lucciani, Naples


Gartini Lugini, Rome


Viscardo Maccolini (Milan)

Giuseppe Maddiona, Catania

Gennaro Maglioni, Naples

Antonio de Maglo, Naples

Francesco Magnoli, Naples

Gennaro Magnoli


the 'Maidstone'

Emanuele Manara-Galante, Catania??

Angelo Manello

Giuseppe Manfredi, Naples and Catania

Manzoni, Naples

Michele Marano

Dominic Maratea


Michele Maratea, Naples (student of Vinaccia)

Raffaele Maratea, Naples

Carlo Marazini, Naples

Massimo Marcato, Naples

Fratelli Marconi, Milan

Giuseppe Mariani, Naples


Luigi Marini, Naples

(thanks to Noud Koevoets)

Carlo Martello, Naples



Masiello, Naples


Marcelli, Catania

Leandro Massini, Naples

R. Masoli, Naples


R. Maurri, Firenze

Rosario Mazullo, Catania

Raffaele Mazzadri, Naples

Luigi Mazzoletti, Naples


S Melluso, Messina

Gennaro Mendozza, Naples


Alessandro Meo, Naples

(late C20th))

Domenica Mentarola

Pietro Messori

Salvatore Miglia

Giovanni Minieri, Naples

Eduardo Miniero, Naples

Gaetano Miroglio



Vincenzo Miroglio, Catania

A Mirone & Figli Pietro, Catania

Pietro Mirone, Catania

Gennaro Molina

(thanks to Jeff Boyle)

CW CA Moeschinger, Naples

Cesare Montaldi, Naples

Giovanni Montaldi, Naples


G. Monte



Montirossi, Catania


A Monzino & Figl., Milan

P. Morelli

Alfonso Moretti, Naples

M Moretti


La Mosca, Catania

C. Moscoloni, Naples

Musikalia, Catania (modern)

F de Mureda, Naples

Angelo Muzzi


Luigi Nicclini, Naples

Miruni Nicolosi, Catania

Luigi Nicoletti, Naples


Francesco Olivieri, Catania

G. Omobono, Naples

Romana Orazio, Palma



R. Orlando