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 I checked all links Jan 09, and changed dead ones. Let me know if you find any further errors. Thanks, Dave

Mandolin Info

mandolin cafe    The ultimate mandolin site, with stacks of information and expertise, plus an exclusively mandolin forum.     New-ish UK-based mandolin forum, needs more support, but good start for books and music.    BMG Scotland, with useful info on courses and events.    Website of Scotland's guitar and mandolin orchestra.

   History of the famous Embergher mandolins, some superb photos, and mandolins to die for.

Calace Mandolins

   Calace mandolins home site, including some excellent information about mandolin development and building. Italian site with English translation.

Daniel Larson Mandolins

   An American maker of bowls and other early instruments. Some imaginative creations!! 

   Italian luthier and mandolin maker and restorer. Interesting site for collector and restorer.
Mike Nelson's Mandolin Page    Mike Nelson's homepage, with lots of useful info on building archtops and related mandolin issues.
Crane Mandolin Site    This is a link to a page on this useful mandolin site, which deals with stringing Milanese mandolins.... 
Mando Links Page    Some superb and varied mandolin-related links.

Parts Suppliers

STEW MAC Luthier Supplies

   Excellent lutherie supplier, but particularly of parts, specialised tools, and books. Good advice sheets.


   A good general parts and wood supplier situated just north of London, close to M25.

Luthier Mercantile Intern. Inc

   What Stew Mac hasn't got, these guys have. Also more excellent advice sheets.

Dick Tools

   German site, also in English. The best source of woodworking tools.

   A good wood supplier in France, with fairly good English translations.

Hammerl GmbH & Co. KG

   Superb German dye and finishing site. 

   A good German site and my source of shellac.

   Good starting point for all veneer and inlay supplies, and UK based.

Other Favourite Links

Han's Irish Bouzouki Homepage

   An excellent site for bouzouki and related instrument information.

Alfred Woll's Mandolin Site

   German site with English translations, some excellent work on  bowlback restoration and customising.

Andy's Banjos

   A good banjo site, supplies all the kit for restorations. Overlap with mandolin banjos.

   Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris, Lute makers site, precursors of the present mandolin.


   Pictorial history of an oud building project. Fantastic reference fro bowl-building issues. 

   Corsican site in French. Makers of early musical instruments.

john maddock's waldzither page

   A nice informative site by another restoration enthusiast, with plenty of useful info on waldzithers.

View my page on Cittern Group

   Site dedicated to citterns, bouzoukis, waldzithers and allied instruments.

Andrew Hartig's Cittern Site

   Andrew is a mine of information on anything cittern-related.

The Harp Guitars of Joseph Bohmann

   Didn't know what a harp guitar was? An amazing page showing some extra-ordinary instruments.

Christophe Mineau Woodworking

  A nice site with lots of different woodworking stuff than mine....

A Psimple Psaltery - Let's Build One!

   Excellent site on building a bowed psaltery. All you need to know, almost!

String/tension Calculators

Graham McDonald's Calculator

   I have found this one of the best, but there are others.

   One of them..... try a Google search.



General Lutherie Links

   Guild of American Lutherie, not much about mandolins, but a superb links page for all lutherie.    General Musical Instrument Makers Forum, but covering lots of issues involved with building mandolins.
Stew Mac's Help Pages    An excellent source of 'how to' sheets, plus the back up of ordering those specialised bits you didn't know existed, but had always wanted. NB liquids cannot be exported any more!! (Varnishes, etc.)

   Advice pages on ALL sorts of luthiery stuff. Excellent!!

   Mikes Oud Forum

   A great site for information on bowl building and luthiery, though related to the oud. Skills and techniques transferable to the mando.

Musical Theory/Chord Charts

   I have found this one of the best explained for musical theory and chords.

   Once you have the basics, this will take you further; inversions, augmented, etc.



Harp Links

   A great site, a must if you are thinking of building a harp.

   A useful site for plans and supplies.

   Very useful if you want to calculate your own string lengths.

Waldzither Links

Waldzither restoration page

 John Maddocks waldzither page, some useful info and links

German Waldzither History

 Andreas Michel's pages on his reasearch into waldzither history and development, in German.

Bohm/Gewa History Site

 A great site constructed by Norbert Feinendegen, in German, but will be in English soon I understand.....

Bohm History Site

 A great site constructed by Norbert Feinendegen, in German, but will be in English soon I understand.....

Bandurria Links

 Bandurria FAQ

  A comprehensive page on the Spanish Bandurria.



Poitpou-Charente Local Music Links


 Corrigans Irish pub in La Rochelle

Bordeaux 33 Irish music site

 The local site for Irish music in and around the Bordeaux area.

Courant d'Eire

 Local site run by Courant d'Eire of La Rochelle


 The site of the group I play Irish music with...

Nyckelharpa Site:

 my friend Jean Claude's site on building nickelharpa yourself...!!

Musical Holidays

 A holiday venue near Saintes, offering music tuition & holiday in SW France. 50% of visitors rebook!!