Italian Neapolitan Mandolin Makers Alphabetic 2

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Builders Alphabetical List

   These are photos that I have collected over the years on the internet. The information about each is often very limited. I have had to rely on the spelling of others taken from Italian labels, often torn, dirty, or partly missing. So, it is possible that some of the instruments are in fact by the same maker, even though I may have attributed it to a name spelt a little differently. Any thoughts or extra information would be very useful.


FRATELLI Carlo et Felice DARDELLI, Naples

Luigi d'Ancora

Enrico d'Antonio

Benedetto D'Arrigo


de Cesolari

Fratelli de Falco

Salvatore de Falco, Naples

Giovanni de Megli??



Giovanni de Meglio, Naples

V de Meglio, Naples

  early C20   late C19 early C20. Son Michele active also.

Vincenzo Desiato, Naples

Ferdinando Devenuti, Rome


Pasquale d'Isanto & Pasquale Angara

Rafaele Disantino

Salvatore Dolcetta


de Santis

di Pietro

Francesco Donadoni

Luigi Dorigo, Naples


Luigi Mario Dosio, Naples


E Durro

La Divina

Durusta (italian made apparently for export to France)



Emanuele Egildo

Luigi Embergher, Rome


Pietro Esparza, Naples

Pascle & Gaetano  Esposito, Naples

(students of Vinaccia)

(thanks to Noud)

Rafaele Esposito, Naples

Francesco & Ricardo Estela, Catania

Estudiantina (factory founded 1872) Catania, also Milan & Naples


Etna Catania

Luigi Euvingino, Naples and Milan


Fabrini & Figli


Fratelli de Falco, Naples

F Falsami, Naples (composite photo)

Arturo Farini, Naples

Farini & Figl.


Fattosecundo, Catania

Emanuele de Fazie, Taranto

Pasquale Febraro, Naples

Luigi Fenga, Catania

Luigi Fenga was a luthier in Catania around the turn of the 19-20th century . He was born in 1866. He also built violins and guitars. He worked in Paris, London, Rome and Naples prior to setting up shop in Catania. He died in 1939. ?

Fernanda, Naples

Fratelli Ferrari, Michele, Giuseppe and Vincenzo, Catania/Naples


Giuseppe Ferrari, Naples

Ermenegildo Ferrari, Naples

Francesco Ferretti & Figli, Naples

F. Fidelio, Naples

Luigi Filippo


Florentina, Naples

Paolo Fonzetti, Naples

Gentile Forasassi, Naples

Carlo Foreri


Fratelli Fornasari, Bologna

Luca Foti, Catania

Foti & Reina, Catania



Fratelli Frassinari


Francesco, Catania

Fratelli Frati, Naples

G ?

Raphael Galli, Naples

(Student of Fratelli Umberto)



Joseph & Antonius Gagliani

Luigi Gagliani

Vincenzo Gagliano & Figl., Naples

A. Galiano


Giacchino Gallesi, Rome



Torielli Galliano, Naples

Giuseppe Gandolfi, Naples




Frederico Gardelli, Naples

R Garelli, Naples


Francesco Gargano, Naples

Giuseppe Gargano, Catania


Garibaldi, Naples (student of Vinaccia)


Giuseppe Seraphiono Garnotti, Naples

G Garofalo, (student of Calace)


Garozzo, Catania

(thanks to Jim Garber)

Matteo Gazzelloni,


Fratelli di Gennaro, Rome (students of Vinaccia)

L. Genovesi, Catania

Luigi Geronimo

Adolfo Giancinti, 


P. Giacomelli


Salvatore Giammona, Catania 

(thanks to Herbert Huttmeir)



 J. Giannicolo









Adolfo Giuliani, Naples

Il Globo


Francesco Gobetti, Naples


Enrico Goldini


E. A. Granato

Antonio Grauso, Naples & New York


G. Grandini, made in Italy & Vosges for JTL France

Graziella, Naples



Carmello Grillo


Luciano Grimaldi, Catania


Lucian Grimaldi



Gualtiero Grossi


Carmello Impellizzeri, Catania.



Giuseppe Idelicato, Catania.