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   Hi Dave, just to let you know that the bridge arrived yesterday and I am absolutely delighted with it. I'll take it down a small amount to get the action just right, which should be no problem - especially having read
your excellent website instructions!  

(Martin; UK)

Where the restoration Instruments have gone: Spr. 09

   Hi Dave, the mandolin has arrived safe and sound and I can't keep the smile off my face!  It's fantastic!  Thank you so much for such a fine job - I could hardly believe it when I opened the case.  I shall be recommending you far and wide, especially as it's actually quite difficult to get anyone to even consider mending an elderly bowl back. It's just great that a house clearance wreck can now provide years of music. Thank you once again!   

Moira. (West Country)

   Hi Dave.......I have received the bridge and have spent the last two days slowly fitting it to the bouzouki, as per the instructions given on your site.  The bridge itself is gorgeous and the sound quality, volume, and sustain are is like having a completely new instrument. I am really pleased and would like to thank you for all your advice and time spent giving me the appropriate and valuable information. Cheers............

Ian (Cheshire)

   Hello Dave, I have been reunited with my Kay Mandolin. I was so nervous opening the box but shouldn't have been, well packed, well done.
Wow! I have wandered around the house with it and it looks good where ever I put it and it is easy to play too. So, so pleased. To top it all (i thought I spied it in one of the last photos) I have one of your stickers on the inside, signed!  Dave you are gifted with great hands.  Take care of yourself, it has been good doing business with you, be in touch in the future no doubt.  Kind Regards,   

Steve (Aylesbury, UK)

Hello Dave,  Il GLOBO has arrived yesterday.
Thank you!  Akihiko (Japan)
Hi Dave, Just to inform that I have received the mandolin. It arrived in very good condition. Thks!
Also French post was fast compared to US and I'm amazed at the great packaging. Your box up markings help save the moment. 
Appreciate your excellent work on the mandolin, it looks like new. 
Thank you very much!  
Neo (Singapore)
Hi Dave,  Mandolin arrived safely today. You have done a simply fantastic job on it, it sounds wonderful, even in my hands. 
Really responsive and so much easier to play, and  the tone and sustain make it difficult for me to put it down.
Can't thank you enough - I was due to do a Waitrose shop, but I'm afraid that has had to be put on hold for the time being, 
probably for (at least)  the next few days actually...
From now on, when  things don't sound quite as they should, I know that it won't be the mandolin that's to blame!

Yours gratefully (as always), Douglas  (Scotl)
Dave, Mandolin received this afternoon safe and sound.
Thanks for your expertise and superb workmanship.  best regards, Don (UK)
Hi Dave,
the tailpiece arrived a few moments ago. I have already mounted it. 
It looks perfect!  Thanks,  Colman

Absolument magnifique votre travail ! Bravo !   Je m'occupe très vite du virement Paypal. Très cordialement,  Pierre.

J’ai bien reçu la mandoline… ton travail est vraiment formidable !
Je n’ai plus qu’à apprendre à en jouer ߘ?
Cordialement,  Pierre  (Fr)
Hi Dave,

Just to say the Waldzither arrived safely - well played on the packaging.  It sounds great - much warmer and full-bodied than my Jimmy Moon bouzouki (which Im starting to fall out of love with).  Its also - as you say- rather easy to play and the intonation is good. Am a very happy boy!   Best, Tommy  (UK)

Hi Dave,  received the Mandolin yesterday. Thank you. love this one. Looking for another all solid wood vintage flatback without crack. If you find please inform me. Best regards Tapas  (India)
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you
Mark T. (USA)
Hi Dave, just letting you know the Rinaldi mandolin arrived this morning, all is good, delighted with it, will be onto you in the future for more, it was a pleasure dealing with you, true to your word, everything as you said it was. Thanks again.   Regards   Mike. (Ire) Thanks Dave, much appreciated again. And thankyou for the history lesson as well! I'm enjoying the sound very much and the action is perfect for me. It's actually the first bowlback I've played...I've seen some oldies in music shops before but they're generally in poor condition so I've never bothered. I really appreciate the work you do!   Thanks again,Jade (UK)
Bonsoir Dave , la Mandole bien arrivée et,  en bon état !! ( bravo pour la boîte, qui a bien protégé l'instrument) Le manche ne me pose pas de problèmes ....j'ai monté aussitôt des cordes neuves d'Octave mandoline , cela donne un son acceptable ....mais je continuerais à chercher d'autres cordes pour essayer d'obtenir un meilleur  compromis entre la tension et le  diamètre (avec l'accordage GDAE...) c'est un bel et bon instrument ! et quel confort pour les doigts de jouer sur ce manche ! ..

Merci encore pour l'expédition soignée ! Bonne soirée Guy (Fr)
Hi Dave, I like the Pocket Mandolin.   It is loud for its size and has an excellent sustain.   It enjoy its merry, ringing sound.   It plays easily, and it will fit well underneath an airplane seat. For the comfort of my thumb, may I modify the back of the head stock to reduce the "bump" as shown in the photo? Chris H. (USA)
Dear Dave,  Mandolin is superb, thank you so much. Strings are tuning in and it's much more playable. Thanks for all your hard work,

BW, Caroline (UK)

Hello Dave,  I received the mandolin today. I like it.  I am happy to play it.

Thank you. Best regards, Sumitani (Jpn)

Hi Dave, wow, Dave, I am really impressed.

I did not expect to get the Framus mandolin back so fast. the mandolin arrived yesterday. You did a super job! As you may have seen, I have shared your facebook postings and the video on my facebook page. The mandolin is easily playable, surprisingly loud,for an all laminated wood instrument. It is a very nice addition to my little collection of mandolins. Thank you very much, again. All the best, Hans (Germ)

Hello Dave!

The mandolin arrived last friday in perfect conditions! It`s beautiful and it has an amazing sound...

Thanks so much for everything!!  Raquel.  (Sp)

Dave,  Mandolin arrived safely this morning and just got it tuned up.

Fabulous, thanks so much, Gary  (Uk)

bonjour Dave, je viens vous remercier pour l"envoi de la mandoline et de la housse. j'ai tout bien reçu et en parfait état!

merci beaucoup! à très bientôt jm W. (Fr)

Hi Dave, the mandolin has arrived, all fine.

and it plays and looks just perfect, now ! you performed an awesome job and put new life in this instrument. thank you so much, kind regards, Claudio (Germ)

Hi, Dave! I've installed the 38-24-16-10 strings now...
As for the sound now: It's marvelous. It seems even more "lyrical" with the lighter strings. And it still has so much volume I remind myself when playing it that this must be the first mandolin I've had that can actually hurt my ears. And that's impressive.
 Carl (Nor)
Hello Dave, the parcel arrived safely today: that was pretty quick !!!
I am very pleased with both instruments: They both look great (the back of the Radionalla is superb!) and I really like the way you blackened the neck of the Boehm: It suits perfectly to the antique feel of the whole instrument. I'm also glad we kept the "wrong" replacement parts of the binding; it also adds to the flavour (and the new ebony parts around the soundhole fit in very nicely with this mixture :-)). And the sustain (and sound) of the Boehm is really great! Norbert (Germ)
Hello Dave how are you?
I received the waldzither today, and I want to thank you for packing it very carefully, there is no damage at all. I tuned it  and as soon as I started to play it I was amazed by its sound and the way it felt. I am really satisfied with your work, it was the easiest and cleanest delivery I ever got.   Best wishes  -Kaan (Turkey)
Hello Dave, just to let you know that the mandolin arrived safely today. It's more beautiful than I thought. I started to tune a little bit -- don't want to do it in one go as I fear to break the strings. Can't wait to hear when it sings.

Thank you so much for the mandolin and the bag, the package was very well done. Now you can be sure that your mandolin no. 583 is being loved. She has a new name : Grandma Psyche.

Thanks once again for the beautiful work. Best wishes, Piyarat (UK)

Hey Dave, the pocket mando got here this afternoon and I haven’t put it down yet. Great little player, surprisingly loud for its size. I really like the neck as it feels very similar to my main mando.

I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you very much regards Daniel (Holl)


Hello Dave,  Today, I received the mandolin.
Thank you!  Best regards,  Akihiko SATO  (Japan)
Hi Dave, just to let you know the mandolin arrived Monday! I've only just got it tuned up to pitch and playing it is a wonderful experience! Lovely sound, I'm really happy with it, thankyou so much. And thankyou for the spare strings.

I really appreciate the skill and effort gone into making the mandolin, thank you for all your hard work. This is sure to be treasured.  Kindest regards,Jade (UK)

Hello Dave, Mandolin received yesterday, no pb with the packaging (very nice job :-).

The sound is good, my daughter will try it tomorrow. Have a nice WE Regards, Herve (Fr)

Got the baby safe and sound. Beautiful and a very rich sound. Love it! I hope it will stay tuned.

Thank you very much again    Estelle  (FR)

Hello Dave,  Just a brief email to inform you that I received the waldzither today - thanks for packing it so well, as usual!.
Another great restoration.  What a full tone, volume, and sustain it has for a relatively small instrument, I would put the levels at that of a good acoustic guitar!.
Thanks again  - best wishes,   Fred.  (UK)
Hi Dave,   I finally got to play the pocket mandolin!  I cannot believe the sustain on this mandolin.  It rings like a bell and I can hear the harmonics fade off on most notes. The thing even picks up vibrations from passing trains (I think my dogs were just as astonished as I was).  You haven't just made a mandolin, you've also made an earthquake early warning system!  I hope you stay in business for awhile yet because I am very interested to find out what your full size mandolins sound like, but will have to work at saving my pennies.
Lori-Ann (Canada)
Hi Dave, Just to let you know the parcel arrived at the Post Office yesterday but I was only able to collect this morning. Brilliant! Really pleased.

Many many thanks. Kind regards, David (UK)

PS If I master this one, that curiosity thing may get the better of me and I will go a standard mandolin!

Hello Dave, the mandolin arrived this morning, (Paul Beuscher flatback)  I'm so happy with it ! The hard case is beautiful ! I can't wait for playing with my band ! 

Thank you very much, all is perfect !   Paul  (Fr)
Dave,  We have received the mandolin (pocket). It is beautiful, a work of art, and perfect as an 31st anniversary present. And your packaging was superb.

Rod asked me to tell you he is extremely pleased and that it has wonderful sustain. He wanted me to ask you if he should use ultra light strings when the time comes to change them.

Thank you much. Hope you have a good holiday.  Kind regards, Claudia (USA)

PS The French Postal Service was great - very easy to track the package - and better than the US one.

Bridge arrived today, great work! Fitted onto mandolin and working well. Thank you very much.
Best regards,   Cameron  (UK)
Hi Dave,  The eagle has landed. (a mandriola) And what a beauty!
I absolutely love it. Amazing sound from such a light body,
like a bouzouki and a mando all in one, and the action is 
easy too. Looking forward to getting better at it!

Thanks mate. Much appreciated. Ben. (UK)
Hi Dave,   Just to let you know the pocket mandolin arrived Monday! I've only just got it tuned up to pitch and playing it is a wonderful experience! Lovely sound, I'm really happy with it, thankyou so much. And thankyou for the spare strings.

I really appreciate the skill and effort gone into making the mandolin, thankyou for all your hard work. This is sure to be treasured.

Kindest regards, Jade (UK)

Hi Dave,  thank you very much for the mandoline, that I received Monday, but which I tried only yesterday. The sound is wonderful!  Thank you for having packed it carefully, and for the plectra too!  

Best regards and wishes,  Agnès  (Paris)

Hello Dave
Yesterday the mandolin arrived. I had luck again! It has a nice tone
and feels good playing. I was surprised because I somehow thought the
instrument is a little bit bigger. But it is very good for me. And
better for fast transportation. Perhaps one day I come back to your
shop. Still looking for one or two mandolins... 
Many thanks Johannes (Germany)
Hi Dave!  Writing to let you know that the Valiani bowlback has landed in the frozen North! I am very impressed with your work and after tuning it I am pleased to say the action is easy and smooth.  I am sure this beautiful instrument will bring many hours of pure playing pleasure! :)

I will definitely get back to you in the future! Best regards, Jörgen  (Sweden)

Hi Dave
Mandolin arrived early today and I must say I am so pleased the work you have done restoring it is to perfection. You
have made a very playable instrument yet retained the original look and not gone over the top making it look new. Dave that's a very special skill
you have. Many Thanks Dave.      Steve (Fr)
Good afternoon,
The mandolin arrived right on time last week.
What a beautiful piece. You did a great job at restoring it.
Have a great day, Sébastien  (Lux)
Hello Dave,
Just a brief email to let you know that I have now received the bouzouki.  Thanks for packing it so well - as usual.
What a great tone and sustain it has for a relatively inexpensive instrument !
(I've dropped the e strings down to d and been playing some clawhammer banjo tunes on it).   Regards,  Fred (UK)
      Dear Dave, for Christmas my wife gave me a mandolin that she purchased from you. I want to thank you for the great job you did in restoring this instrument! I played the mandolin as a child, but for 50 years I've been a guitar player. When I unwrapped the present I was afraid it was going to be very difficult for me to play this tiny thing, but the action is great and my fingers have no problem working on the fretboard that's so much smaller than I'm accustomed to. And it plays in tune, which I care about more than anything else. It even stays in tune, which is a great surprise! I am having a wonderful time learning to play it. It hasn't been out of my hands for long since I got it. 
Amy tells me that you were very helpful and shipped the instrument promptly. Thank you very much for all your expertise and assistance!  Dan (St Louis, US)
Hello Dave, I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying playing your instrument. I have been taking weekly lessons ever since it arrived and it has been such a fun experience. Just wanted to send my appreciation-your workmanship has been commented on by all the teachers at the music studio where I go for instruction.   Thank you!  Charlotte  (USA)
(New deep-bodied mandolin)     Hi Dave,
WOW! I received my mandolin yesterday (Friday) early afternoon which is fast considering it came from France.
Thank you very much for building such a beautiful instrument. It has real clarity with the best sustain I have heard on a mandolin, and it is LOUD! The whole process has been fascinating: the photographic evolution of the instrument makes such a big difference, being able to see all of the processes, from two flat pieces of wood and a template to the finished mandolin.
The case is very nice too with a good sturdy build to it and nice looking. I am very glad that you offered me the choice of a case as I was slightly concerned about being able to find one for a deep bodied mando'.
I will write an initial review after I have had a couple of days with it playing Irish and Italian music, and I will send it to you if that is ok. I will then do another in a few weeks with hopefully a couple of videos showcasing it.  David, (UK)
Hello Dave,
Embergher arrived and sounds lovely, which is great given the amount of previous damage and ugly repairs to the body and top. I am very impressed how solid and potent the instrument now is.

And you were right that it looks great as is, without refinishing the neck. I was misled by the flashlight photos where bowl looked a lot lighter than the neck. It looks just fine.

Many thanks, Dave. I am very happy that this sadly abused and neglected in Russia instrument will now have it's second life.  Thanks again, Kind Regards, Victor (Austrlia)
Hi Dave,  the picture Boehm arrived today: Many thanks: The repair work is superbly done - the back looks as if it was never different ...
And the picture is fine for me, I think I will leave it as that; the missing paint is also part of the instrument's history. (3rd restoration)

Cheers, Norbert (Germany)
  Received the flatback and the extra goodies this morning.  Thank you!  It plays so nicely.  This will be my main practice instrument, although this now makes me the proud owner of 4 mandolins.  I was having trouble with some of the chords, as I have such short fingers.  I love that it is easy to play, that it smells of old wood, that other people have enjoyed it, and that it's pretty.  Someone took the time to decorate it, kind of like wearing jewelry or men wearing ties. Again, many thanks.  I suspect that I will be ordering from you in the future, when I improve and am in need of a better instrument.  

Pam (USA)
Dear Dave, I'm one happy man !   The employee at the post-office told me that Frieda (your former No.493) had arrived on wednesday already ! You're a wizzard ...
The sustain and sweet and wide tone is moving when softly played with a chubby, rounded-off Dunlop 204 pick . Now, about three hours after unpacking and tuning to about 430 Hz by ear , she seems at ease on this hot day close to the river. Please accept a heartfelt  thank you for your work . 

Ekhard (France)

Hi Dave, Both mandolins tuned up now and playing nicely, both have a very good sound, so very pleased with my choices so far, thanks
Sarah  (UK)
Hello Dave!   I just received my Stridente mandolin in good condition. I'm so happy.  Thank You! 
I highly respect Your professional skills as luthier. Also the photos and description of the instruments are perfect, so you really know what you are going to buy.  Best regards, Ilkka R.  (Russia)
Hi Dave,  I received the de Meglio this morning, Jan 23, and couldn't be happier! It cleared U.S. customs in half a day
 and I would've had it on the 20th if I'd been home to sign for it. It sounds great and is quite easy to play (and hard to put down).
 Thank you again!  Best wishes,Rebecca  (USA)
Dave,  Je viens de recevoir ma mandoline. Le colis est en excellent état.  La mandoline est magnifique!Magnifique!Vraiment magnifique!  C'est mon sentiment,quand je l'ai déballée.Quel jour mémorable,magnifique,magnifique!  Maintenant,je n'ai plus qu'à la faire vibrer    !  Merci beaucoup pour la sangle et le médiator!  Avec mes plus vifs remerciements.  Un musicien comblé.  Merci Dave.   Dominique (France)
Hi, Dave.    I am very pleased to say that the mandriola arrived on Friday so I had the weekend to try it out.  It looks beautiful and has a wonderful tone (even my wife says so, which is good going after I have been playing it so much!) - it is hard to believe you have got so much sustain out of a mandolin.  It is also much easier to play than I had anticipated.
Again, thank you very much for the work you put into this.  You have a very pleased customer.  All the best for Christmas and the New Year,  John. P. (UK)
Thank you very much, Dave.  That will be great. The pictures of the instrument look fantastic.  It has been fascinating to see it taking shape through the website. Thank you very much for your work.  Best wishes,  John. P (UK)

after following the construction of his new mandriola an mandolinhospital facebook page

Dave, just watched the video. Thanks very much. Weirdly, it sounds like my mandolin from the past –like an old friend. i.e. more familiar than some of the other bowlbacks from your you tube collection. Thanks Dave   Kerry W (UK)

after watching video of her restored mandolin

Hello Dave
I am delighted to say that the mandolin reached me safely this morning. It
is even more lovely to behold and petite to hold than I had expected it to
be. Cannot wait to get home and tune it up.

Best regards and many thanks
Hi Dave,  Mandolin arrived back safely an hour ago. BIG difference, I don't know how you do it!   It is indeed a lot easier to play, and I am much happier with the strings that distance apart.  I had become reconciled to the lack of volume on the A and E strings, but they seem to me to have much more body and sustain than they had before, esp the E.
I think I'll hold on to it, now that it has an action that suits me better - had thought of selling. Thanks so much for your work on it, and for getting it back to me in time for Sat!     Best wishes,
Douglas  (UK)
Hi Dave,
The mandolin arrived a few days ago, and I've been too busy playing to write you thanks!  I love it - it's more than I expected, and it sounds fantastic.  It's the best mandolin I've ever played!  Thank you very much for the detailed work, and I will be recommending you to anyone who asks.
Best wishes, Ayla (Canada)
Hello Dave,  the Waldzither arrived safely today: Thanks a lot - it looks really fine !!! And the de-warping of the soundhole-area and re-adjusting of the neck angle is still a kind of miracle to me ...
When I tuned and tried to play it, there was at first a heavy buzz, but then I realized that the tailpiece had got into contact with the strings. Now everything is wonderful: The sound and playability seem even a bit better (the sound a bit brighter) than on the first one :-) 
Many thanks again and with kind regards,
Norbert (Germany)
Hello Dave,  the Becker Waldzither has arrived safely: Thank you very, very much !!! I think it is truly in great shape now (considered its condition when you got it) and it sounds and plays really wonderful . I have quite some waldzithers here to compare: I think it can really keep up with my favorite Böhm waldzither Nr. 2 (from the same pre-WW1 time period). There are louder waldzithers, but the Becker has a warm, sweet, round sound. The tuners are going a bit heavy, but with a key tuning is quite easy. And I really like the overall look and feeling of the waldzither: An old instrument which doesn't hide its age (and history), but which is fully playable again! Norbert, (Germany)
Hi Dave - Just to let you know, mandolin arrived safely yesterday. I was surprised to get it so quickly - particularly as Monday was a Bank Holiday. What can I say? I'm absolutely delighted with this beautiful instrument. You've done a fantastic job of converting and restoring it. It looks great and it sounds wonderful. The case too is excellent.
I'm now trying to get to a level of musicianship worthy of such an instrument. I may well be back for that lefty deep bodied mandolin - if you could make me one in the future. Many many thanks. Best wishes, Graham  (UK)
Thanks Dave, received fretboard and tailpiece... excellent items and service. Your tutorials on the internet FANTASTIC thanks again Brian. (UK)
Hi Dave, the mandolin arrived yesterday - can't beleive it took less than a week to ship to Australia. It was really well packed and arrived without any problems. You've done a great job on it. It's a great little mandolin - sounds fantastic. I'm going to have a lot of fun playing it. Many thanks again. Kind regards,  Graham (Australia)
Hello Dave, thanks very much for the de Meglio which has arrived safely today. It is a very lovely instrument that is even nicer than in the photos and I would like to add that it has been pleasure buying from you so thank you for keeping in touch over the past couple of weeks, the immaculate way that the mandolin was packed, and your general care over everything. Thank you too for a very informative website.

Kind regards and best wishes, John  (UK)
Hi Dave, just to let you know the mandolin has arrived. Very nice instrument, it plays well. I've been to rehearsal with it already and it really helps getting that authentic sound. Thanks! Hope to deal with you more in the future. I'm looking for a Lebanese bouzouki. If you come across one I would be happy to let me know. 

All best to you! Michael (Norway)

Hi Dave, pleased to say that my pocket mandolin arrived safely today.
I am thrilled to bits with it.  Even my wife likes it!
It is now tuned up and plays nicely.
Many thanks,  David (UK)
Hello Dave,  just a brief email to let you know that the waldzither arrived this a.m..  Thanks for packing it so well.  Good bridge job.  And what a great tone and sustain it has - I can't stop picking it up and playing it!.  

Best regards,   Fred L. (UK)

Dave,  they arrived today!  (2 mandolins) Wow, the pics don't reflect how well it came out.  It looks stunning.
I see what you mean about the tuners.  I will have to get a winder.  Any advice on storage for the bowlback?  I do not have a case.  The domeback fits in a hardshell A style case fine.  Would a loose-fitting gigbag provide any sort of protection?
Once again, thank you so much. Paula  (USA)
Hello Dave,
The German Domeback arrived safely this morning thank you.  I am delighted with it. Gently acclimatizing it to pitch and action - it has a nice sound and looks well after the restorations.  Regards,  Doug (UK)
Hello Dave, the mandolin arrived safely today - and it's wonderful.
Thank you again for sending it so quickly - and for your good work.  Keep it up - these are absolutely beautiful instruments.
Kindest regards, Joan (Scotland)
Hi Dave, the de Meglio mandolin arrived safe and sound yesterday - and I am really pleased with it. It is tuned and I am really impressed that it seems to be pretty much holding its tuning. I even like the actual tuning mechanism - seems much more sensitive and responsive than anything I am used to so far.  The sound is clear and ringing and what a joy to play. As you say the action is amazing. Just for the record your photos on the site were great but it was really the video clip that made my mind up - to hear it and hear you describing it was brilliant. So thanks very much, I am really delighted (and also with the case by the way!),  Andy  (UK)
Hello Dave,
I hope you are doing great :') i wanted to thank you ( i don't know how can i thank you enough ) for this new friend you gave me.
At last Waldzither safely arrived to me from all worrying travelling experience which it took. Sounds brilliant! And of course it altered my imagination more than i expect.
Your amazing work and effort on this instrument has a lot to say, and i guess your work will sing within it so well...    Best wishes Dave!.. Cheers...
Nurhan  (Turkey)
Newly built Mandolin:  Hi Dave, the mandolin arrived safe and sound this morning. I've been giving it a good rattle for the past hour! There's a great sound from it, lovely and sweet and full, with a nice balance between top and bottom. Well done, it's been worth the wait. I hope you have a great summer and enjoy your trip in the West.  All the best, Seán. (Ireland)
Hi Dave. Good afternoon. Just yesterday arrived the mandolin at home. It's very beatiful and it's what I need, a simple mandolin for travel and play with my pupils.  Many thanks. Good summer.   Jaume  (Spain)
Hi from Australia......Dave you are a legend.... I have been a restorer in the antiques trade for 30 years and always looking for a challenge, tried my hand at instruments a few years ago, evolving into mandolins and specifically Italian mandolins.. Seems to be a few around, lots of italian immigrants came here after WW2....I find them interesting and challenging and involving the old techniques, glues etc which I have always used....I really appreciate your tips on restoration and know that you are into it and lovin' what you are doing and willing to share your knowledge with the world....Hats off to you mate!!....Cheers Steve

(Couldn't resist posting this one.... :))

Hello Dave, the mandolin arrived today and I must say, not disappointing at all. It was much much better than I expected. Really enjoying it. Also, I must commend you on your really excellent packaging. My instrument came in safe and sound. I will be visiting your site again for more great deals! best regards, Fuzz (UK)

David,  the Mandolin was delivered intact this morning 29th April.  It was a great surprise to receive it so soon after your advice that you were sending it.  I never stopped to think how or when it would get here. We are very pleased with the mandolin (and case); it is really a work of art. From our very first communication I was comfortable with your prompt responses, openness, and willingness to offer advice for which I thank you.  The selection of photos on your web site was impressive to say the least.  

  I was most impressed with the ability to view, and your short playing, of the actual instrument on U tube.  This was great and further set my mind at ease with the whole exercise. To top it all, it has arrived the day before the birthday of our adult son who requested a mandolin, so it will make him very happy also.   David, again thank you for your professionalism and promptness in all our dealings and your devotion to saving these great instruments.

 Best wishes, Brian B (UK)

Hello Dave, Mandolins arrived this morning. Wow, that was quick. French post is good by the sound of it. Another good thing, the parcel didn’t go via customs (or perhaps they just x-rayed it), which is great as they tend to open the boxes and start asking questions as soon as they see wooden items inside.  Putting “goods returned to Australia” on a label was a good idea.
My compliments to the amount and quality of work done, I am very impressed. Thank you very much!  I am thrilled with how Calace feels and sounds, you have turned it into a very special instrument. I can’t stop playing it. It sounds better than any mando I ever played.
 Silvestri is not quite in the same league, though, (it never supposed to be, I guess). But I must admit, you have revived an old wreck completely and it is an eye candy.  Very impressive craftmanship throuhout. Once again, thanks heaps Dave for the excellent work. I will have no hesitation sending you more work and recommending you to everyone! Well done.
Kind Regards, Victor (Australia)

Hello Dave, the mandolin arrived safely this morning, just in time for my birthday!  You have done another great job - it looks and sound marvellous now, and I am really pleased that I decided to buy it, and so grateful to you for doing it up.  I was interested to see (on Facebook? or somewhere else...) , by the way, that you are a fan of Irish music - that, along with classical / Neapolitan,  is my favourite type of music too, and I have quite a nice Buchanan mando which I use for that.
Anyway, very many thanks again for the time and effort you have put in on my behalf,  (and also for enclosing the GHS strings, which are hard to get here).

All good wishes,  Douglas  (UK)
hi dave,  the instrument arrived yesterday it sounds
great it snowed all today so i played all day fingers sore
but i am very happy . thanks once more   jim..(Scotland)

Dear Dave, the parcel arrived this Saturday morning in good condition. Thanks for all!  Thanks for the quick shipping, adding the mounted strings reference and
the good quality of the bag: your work is really professional.
As to the main object, I have tuned it and given it a try. Easy to play
and good sound at first sight as you have shown on your video. Best regards and have a nice (but rainy) week-end   Bernard (Fr)
Good evening, Dave. The parcel arrived safely. All well. A great tool with a beautiful sound. I'm very pleased. Accept my thanks and best wishes. I hope to further friendly relations. I wish prosperity to You and Your family.
Sincerely, Dmitry.  (Russ.)

Hi Dave, the mandola arrived today. I am VERY happy with her.  Got her tuned up, she has a lovely sound and is the perfect scale length and size for me.  Thank you so, so much! The strings sound great too. Tuners are OK for me, not too stiff.

 Thank you again.  Very best, Maxine Wiltshire (LONDON)

Hi Dave, the instrument has arrived safely (GREAT job of packaging by the way) and is crying out to be played.  I will just need to tune it first, and as the bridge is not straight (towards 8:10) maybe I need to move that first (?). In which case is there anything I should know beforehand (I don't suppose it's glued)? I would hate to hurt the table.
The case is great too and I really appreciate your work. Thank you and kind regards, Jennifer  (Paris)
Hello Dave, You will laugh your head off at this! I was so excited I gave the mandriola to him this afternoon, and he was THRILLED. He was really so very pleased and he says it is better than the one he had. He is in great  admiration of your work and was stunned to think that I had found you in the Charente. 
So there you are, and he loved the case too, it was very well packed and it has been a pleasure to do business with you. Many thanks I will write an appreciation on the website
Kind regards and bravo for your workmanship.  Margaret G  (France)
Hello David, I received the waldzither yesterday! It looks even better than I had hoped! I can see that quite a bit of care was given to the packing as well. 


My mom's 80th birthday was approaching and she mentioned rather wistfully that she had a Waldzither as a child and would love to be able to play one again. After months of shopping online and in town I came up with just a few old, beat up instruments. Eventually, when online, I clicked on a link to this site and found a Waldzither! I showed the photo to my mom and she exclaimed "that's EXACTLY the model I had as a child". Unfortunately, this was not available. It was another customers restored work. I contacted David and requested he keep me in mind if another of these became available. To my delight, he said that he spoke to the customer and then proceeded to make arraignments for me to purchase the one we had originally seen in the photo.
The quality of work and care given to the detail are a testament to David's craftsmanship. He truly is a gifted artist. The "shipping" box that was sent was tailor made for the Waldzither and the care in packing was superb.
I can't tell you how happy my mom was when she opened the box, took out the instrument and began playing. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. And I can't express how much I appreciate the quality of work, artistry and satisfaction I have had in purchasing my moms instrument from David.

Ken G. (USA)

    Hi, Dave! The mandolin has arrived in tact.  It looks very well restored.  Thanks for your craftsmanship. It sounds wonderful as well.  Our house has oak floors that resonate the subtle frequencies of my Sitar and Sarod (which I play as an amateur) and it does the same with the mandolin. Unfortunately, the areas where we will actually use the mandolin are carpeted and I doubt if the artificial petroleum derivative can do justice to a gentle acoustic instrument, but we will definitely use it creatively. Thanks again, and I hope to receive a full receipt showing the payment through Paypal  for my records by e-mail soon.     All the best, Devan, (Missoula, US)
Bonjour Dave,
   Tout d'abord je tiens a vous remercier pour ce site fabuleux qui est plein d'informations et d'astuces pour tous les luthiers amateurs. Je suis moi-meme passionne par la reparation de mandolines et autres instruments de ce type et il ne se passe pas un jour sans que je visite une nouvelle fois ce site.  Merci encore!!! Jacques, (FR)

   Hello Dave,   Just to let you know that I received the mandolin today (better than the UK postal service!).  All intact - thanks for packing it so well.
   I'm really pleased with the instrument, the action is very good and easy and the tone and volume is superb, even on the low strings!.  I have a few other instruments, and it makes some of them sound like 'cigar boxes'.
I hope to buy from you again in the future - perhaps a mandriola, which I haven't seen before going to your web site, although I do have a mandola.         Fred (UK)

Hi Dave , the Calace finally came in from Customs.  I am very, very happy with it.  You did such a fantastic job!  I have been playing it every day.   If you ever need me for a reference,  just let me know. Many Thanks to You! Best Larry  (USA)

Hi Dave, The Brambilla arrived today. She looks absolutely wonderful and completely rejuvenated.  I'd like to thank you for all your hard work and more important, the TLC you lavished on her. It's a superb bit of craftsmanship.
Thank you so much! Best regards, Gill  (UK)
  Hi Dave, mandolin arrived last week and is lovely. It's been renovated beautifully - your a true professional! You obviously enjoy what you do Immensely. I'll be sure to recommend you to friends. The gig bags rather swanky too.
Thanks Em, (UK)
Hi Dave:  Great news. The photos look wonderful! I'm looking forward to playing the instrument for the first time in quite a while.

Payment has been sent by PayPal.

Thanks, Patrick F. (USA)

Hi Dave Just to let you know it arrived in one piece yesterday! Many thanks – I’m over the moon with it.   Yours Yvonne L    (UK)

Hi Dave,   The mandolin arrived today, and looks and sounds beautiful!  Thanks so much for your work.  Phil  E (USA)
Hello Dave,  We have just got back and I am quickly trawling through 150-odd emails!  I am delighted that the lute bridge is done and it looks absolutely  fantastic - can't wait to see the real thing.  Payment follows shortly! Hello Dave,

The bridge has just arrived and I am very pleased with it.  I have just tried sitting it in place and it blends in beautifully - it must be pretty close to the original, I think! I will send you some photos when I have finished mending the cracks. Our main home computer is very old and I think some of my emails to various people may have gone amiss - hope you get this one, as I would like you to know that I am a very satisfied customer!!  Thank you for what looks like a really great job. Best wishes Rowena (UK)
Hi Dave, mandolin arrived last week and is lovely. It's been renovated beautifully - your a true professional! You obviously enjoy what you do Immensely. I'll be sure to recommend you to friends. The gig bags rather swanky too.
Thanks Em  (UK)
Hello Dave,
It's amazing and I'm a bit surprised, but the mandolin arrived OK and sends to you cheers and hello! Honestly, I've been counting on months of waiting, but it took only one week!  The sound is absolutely fantastic comparing to what I had, everything is fine. Played for three hours at least without a break. Thank you!
So, let's talk about waldzither now. I wanted a gigbag and a spare set of strings for GDAE or GDAD. And a key for tuners. Seems like nothing's forgotten...
Kind regards, Pavel. (RUSSIA)

Dave, the Suzuki mandolin arrived today, very well packed and safe as houses. After letting it rest and get acclimatised, this evening I tuned up and had a quick play.  Everything just as expected.  She plays a lovely tune and sounds just right.  I now need to practise to make sure I can play the tunes I’ve been given on such a nice sounding instrument in order to do it justice. Many thanks for your help in choosing the right instrument and for putting the videos online to hear them play.

Best wishes , Chris C. (Luxembourg)  

Hi again Dave.

The band came round for practice last night and were introduced to the
new instruments.  The mandolin was an immediate hit and five of our
pieces have been changed from guitar to mando for the tonal colours. 
The waldzither provoked many comments, mostly 'that's LOUD'.  At present
two pieces have been changed to wz but our leader/arranger has a gleam
in her eye and plans on arranging and lengthening a piece to feature it
specially; take advantage of its volume. Adrian (Australia)
Good morning! I recieved the laud today. It is just beautiful! You did a very good job of packing. I can hardly wait to see my son play this beautiful instrument. Thanks again. Laura (Spanish Laud UK)
Hi Dave, the Waldzither arrived Saturday morning. I was able to hold out until
Sunday to give it some time after travelling. I am positively impressed by the work you did on it. It plays wonderful and the action is nice and tight.
I was a bit worried about the amount of reworking you'd have to do on
the sunken soundboard, but the instrument is still ringing like a bell.

Many thanks too, for the additional bridge and nut!
Again, thank you for a wonderful job you did on the instrument and all
the best to you and your wife.
Cheers, Tobi (Germany)
Hi Dave, the mandolin has just arrived and I love it
Thanks for all your help. Cheers, Pete (Australia)
Hello David, 
I did receive the mandolin, in perfect condition. Absolutely lovely instrument. Thank you so much for the careful restoration, it looks beautiful and plays with such a clear tone. In the future, would you be able to recommend where I may purchase strings when they do need replacement? Thank you so much, and I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!  Best regards,  Greta (UK)

Hi Dave, the mandolin arrived today, and looks and sounds beautiful!  Thanks so much for your work. Phil E (USA)


Hello Dave, I cannot find the words to thank you enough for refurbishing the mandolin and for meeting us last Sunday. It is absolutely wonderful to have this instrument back in tip top condition and to have a case for it that matches its beauty.  When I consider how difficult I had found it to source strings on the internet, (the only site which had any possible strings was mind-blowingly complicated and when I looked for it a second time, it seemed to have disappeared) I am filled with admiration at your persistence and eventual success. Once again, my very grateful thanks,  

Regards and best wishes, Rosalind (Milanese mandolin UK)

   Hello Dave, the mandola arrived today, which makes it a week to the day to get here to Western Australia. Amazing. I am delighted with it and have enjoyed the last hour or two since I got home playing around with it. My wife loves the different, richer sound, compared to the mandolin. Many thanks. I am very pleased with it and think you have done a great job on it. 

Regards, Peter Rosengren, Perth, Western Australia

   Hi Dave, it arrived safely yesterday thanks for packing it so well. My gast was well and truly flabbered when i opened the box, its such a beautiful instrument and once tuned up i fell in love with the warm tone and length of sustain. This morning it was still in tune so as i had hoped the more relaxed string length will give me a more stable instrument. Once again Dave can i thank you for all your hard work and help throughout, its rare these days to deal with someone you feel you can completely trust, and I hope to stay in touch and let you know how i'm getting on with the Bohm, all the very best, Gwyn (Cornwall, UK)

   Bonjour Dave,  quelques nouvelles du bandolim qui est bien arrivé il y a une semaine, sans dommage suite au transport. J’ai été surpris en ouvrant le paquet par sa largeur réduite. Cela m’a rappelé un site consulté avec une photo d’un instrument similaire précisant qu’ils étaient construits pour être utilisés par les dames portugaises ! Tres léger également côté de la caisse de résonnance, cela donne un instrument qui sort un son fort, étonnant dans les médium pour sa taille. Les diverses réparations ne jouent pas sur la sonorité. Et le plus important, c'est un plaisirde jouer. Les doigts courent sur le manche sans y penser. Seul réglage effectué, j’ai décalé de quelques millimètres le chevalet vers le bas (vers le côté  aigu) pour que les cordes G ne soient plus au bord du manche, mon doigt ayant tendance à déraper sur le côté en position 4 ou 5. Le sustain est important. Je me suis aperçu qu’une corde jouée à vide E par exemple, devra être amortie pour arrêter la résonnance qui dure….


Le tout est un instrument facile à emporter avec sa petite housse, s’il n’était pas si ancien et donc fragile. Je joue par ailleurs avec des mando plus lourdes (copie F5 et une 10 cordes P. Shippey ) et celle-ci trouve bien sa place par sa simplicité et sa légèreté. Je suis donc tres satisfait de l'instrument et du bon travail de restauration qui donnent un réel plaisir de jouer sur un bel instrument ancien.


Merci pour tout, bien cordialement, Alain CHEVRIER (France)

Hi Dave, Mandolin arrived safely today and is great to play - many thanks! 

Alex (MontLucon, France)

Hi Dave,  I just wanted to let you know that the mandolin arrived safe and sound and my brother is very happy with it! Thank you for everything and I will be sure to drop you a line if I ever need a mandolin again! Happy New Year!

Nina (USA)
   Hi Dave,  I had a lovely surprise today as the postman pulled up outside the property and honked his horn.....I couldn't imagine what he had as I was not expecting anything but 'lo and behold' the mandolin had arrived!!!! Safely!......and at a time when I thought no mail was getting through from further south as you may have heard but we have floods in Queensland....they say the size of Germany and France put together! The road south is supposed to be blocked and no mail is getting through. I'm shocked as well at how quickly it has arrived. Anyway it has arrived and I'm really really pleased with it! You've done a great job on it and I just tuned it up and away i went. I'm very pleased with the case as well so thank you very much for that!
Best wishes and happy new year...bonne annee,  Ken (Queensland, Australia)
Hello Dave, the lovely Thuringer waldzither arrived safely in Dorset yesterday
afternoon - thank you!  You have done a really lovely job on it and I'm
thoroughly enjoying playing it... so much so that my left hand has
started aching from the thicker neck compared with my mandolins! It's
got a lovely 'glossy' sound and a lovely pure, 'un-coloured' sustain -
beautiful!  Thanks again from a very happy Dorset-lad!

Regards, Stephen  (Dorset, UK)
The Bohm has just arrived. The instrument looks good - I've tightened the strings a bit and am waiting for it to settle, but the sound already seems nice and open.  I see it has the usual cricket-bat neck ! that'll take some getting used to, but it really looks great.

By the way, we used the waldzither in a concert last week - it sounded pretty damn good.

Doc Rossi (Grenoble)

Hello Dave, the mandolin arrived today (Tuesday) in good shape. It is a present for my wife who is delighted. You have done a very nice job of restoration.Many thanks - Michael  (Wales) Hello Dave! The mandolin arrived. It is so nice and BEAUTIFUL   -- You did a fantastic job !! I will be very carefull with tuning-- just let it be accustomed to it´s Norwegian climate. Again-- thank you so much for all the nice work-- even the case looks great--!! 

Best regards from a very happy Nanneke (Norway)

Salut Dave, waldzither bien arrivé à la fin! i strung it today and its marvellous! i am surprised with sound this is actually more than expect and it can also cover up my own voice =)))
Thank you for the great instrument Dave
Take care and hope to see your further works! Nurhan (Turkey)

Dave, it looks absolutely amazing! You are an artist!
Thank you very much.

Blake. (UK)

      Dear Dave, Mureda mandolin arrived safe today. I meant to write you as soon as I received it, but don't blame me for not having been able to stop playing it for 2 hours! It usually takes me an hour or so before stop playing once I hold mandolin, but with this one... I will get into serious trouble! I like the sound very much. Clear, joyful treble side and rich bass with no buzz. I'm afraid that my English is not good enough to explaining the sound. Louder than Suzuki I was using. The "F holes" on the side might have something to do with it. 

    This mandolin is easier for me to hold the instrument and play. I was surprised how easy the fingering is with the Mureda mandolin. Action is perfect too. Comparing to the force I had to put into my fingers to play the Suzuki, it's like nothing. I feel like I suddenly became a better player, 2 or 3 steps forward. Well, at least it was useful for muscle training of left hand fingers.

    I really appreciate your great work. You are wonderful, Dave! Now I have a terrible feeling that I will come back to you for another mandolin in the near future. What people at the Mandolin Cafe call "MAS" seems to have caught me. Or,,, I can even find another mandolin for my friend and keep the Ceccherini for myself!  I'd better work harder and save up. 

   Thank you so much,  Aya (Japan)

   Hi Dave, just to say the mandolin has arrived. Many thanks, it’s a lovely sounding instrument.. better than I expected from something of that age. Finding it difficult to put down at the moment and I’m sure I’ll need new strings before too long, especially in my attempts to get to grips with tremolo.  Thanks for the advice on care that came with the instrument and on website. I must admit I can’t really see myself boxing it away when it is not being used and is in the house - looks too nice to be hidden in a box. Best wishes, Mike (UK NOV 09)

   Hi, I'm really sorry for not emailing you earlier - the mandolin arrived about a week ago and has been very, very distracting.  Its so brilliant - its wonderful to play and looks so beautiful, so thank you very much for doing such a good job of repairing it.     Best wishes, Eleanor   (UK)
Yippee !!! It arrived today. It is sooo sweet. Guess what I am wanting one now. I want a pretty one so will keep on looking on Ebay. But if you are doing one up keep me informed. Hate all this bidding stuff. Us oldies cant take the pressure !!!!. Again thanks and we love the little canvas cover
A great touch that!!  (Barbara, Leeds, UK)
  Hi Dave, I picked the guitar up at work today and have just opened it on arriving home.  You've really done a fantastic job on the instrument - the polishing on the back looks great and you'd hardly know it had been cracked.  I've just been playing it for a bit, getting used to the strings etc.  I'd forgotten how wide apart the strings are - much more than a mandolin or banjo.  I think you've got the string gauges right - it sounds good when tuned up and the bottom G string plays really well.  Once again thanks for your time and patience with this.  Your attention to detail is obvious and I'd have no hesitation in recommending your work to others.  In fact, I might have another little project for you soon.  

Thanks Dave - much appreciated. Best wishes, Philip (UK)

   Hello Dave. Just received it this Friday morning in a very good shape. Thanks for the careful packaging. Have tuned it straight away and tried my favourite little medieval jingle. The idea of a 12 strings seems to be a good one, it is easy to go with: you have only to IMAGINE that the tune sounded in the 13th century just like you are hearing it today on an unusual instrument. But I have to accustom myself with it and for chords learning may be my usual mandolin will be better. Many thanks and best regards,  (Bernard, France) Dear Dave, I've got the mandolin tuned and it sounds great! I'm very happy
with it. My former mandolin was more of a bluegrass style so
I'm getting used to how different the sound is. I'm really loving the mandolin.
Thanks! Christy (Christy USA)
" I buy quite a few mandolins from Dave, mainly for use in our guitar and mandolin orchestra and for our many mandolin students... Why?.. well sometimes on ebay you're not quite sure what you're going to get with a second hand mandolin, but with Dave I can be completely confident that every mandolin he puts on Ebay is restored to the highest level of workmanship, reasonably priced and importantly, is ready to play... you can't really ask for more"

 Ian Steel: Administrator/ Coordinator, Lanarkshire Guitar and Mandolin Association