Italian Neapolitan Mandolin Makers Alphabetic 1   

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Builders Alphabetical List

   These are photos that I have collected over the years on the internet. The information about each is often very limited. I have had to rely on the spelling of others taken from Italian labels, often torn, dirty, or partly missing. So, it is possible that some of the instruments are in fact by the same maker, even though I may have attributed it to a name spelt a little differently. Any thoughts or extra information would be very useful.


Alfonso Abbate, Naples

Vincenzo Adamo, Naples

(thanks to N Koevoets)

H. Afferni, Naples


Alfredo Albert, Catania

Albertazzi, Gennaro & Gaetano, Naples


Born 1845? Active in Naples from around 1885. Sons Alessandro (b. late C19) and Luigi (b. 1914) also active...



Alberti, Roma

Alfredo Albertini, Catania

Alberto Albertini, Catania

Marina Alfredo, Ferrara

Allegro, Catania (thanks to Herbert Huttmeir)

Amato, G.

Paolo Amiati, Naples


Long family history of Alberti luthiers in Rome from C16.


Michele Amico, Catania

Luigi d'Amore, Naples

Pasquale Angara (sometimes spelt Ancara), Naples

Reale Annibale, Torrino

Gabriele d'Angelica (flatback)

Salvatore d'Angelo, 

Oreste Angelici


late C19 early C20

late C19 early C20



Mario Arciolacono, Catania

Vincenzo Arcinese, Naples

Vincenzo Arcinese 1888-19--?

Canto Argenteo, Sicily

Gennaro Arienzo

    Born in Naples

Buried in Gessopalena

(thanks to Matt Larcinese)


Cesare Arosio, Naples


Felice Arpino, Naples


 Astoria, Catania



Luigi Balbiani

Domenico Banoni, Naples

Barnes & Mullins, certainly Italian made.

  End C19 early C20  



Barera, Venice

Giovanni Bartolotti, Padua

Alberto Bartolucci, Catania

Guiseppe Basini

Pietro Bazzani, Naples

Fratelli Bellini, Naples (students of Montaldi)

Guiseppe de Bernadi, Genoa


early C20


Vincenzo Berti

Ernesto Bessone, Roma

C. Biondi, Naples

Luigi Borelli, Naples

Domenico Brambilla, Naples

Bratti & Co. Firenza


Giuseppe Busani, Naples



Arturo Caimi, Milan


Raffaele Calace, Naples

Fratelli Calace (Nicola & Raffaele), Naples

Francesco Campanelli, Naples


1st 1863-1934

2nd 1948-


Campanello d'Oro, Catania

Campanini, Naples

(I have photo, but no right to display.)



Capfella, Catania

Tommaso Capocefalo, Naples (student of Salsedo)

Luigi Caponetto, Catania

Stefano Caponetto, Catania

      late C19 early C20   Early C20 exported to Venezuela.

Cappellani (only a retailer?)

Flli Vicenzo & Giovanni Cappiello, Naples


Carabba & Co, Catania


Pasquale Carbonari, Naples

F. Carbone & L Romito, Naples

      late C19 early C20.  

Giovanni Carbone, Naples


Giuseppe Carbone, Naples


Giovanni Carine, Naples

Giuseppe Carlo, Naples



Carmelo, Catania

(later C20)

Carnisch & Janichen, Milan


Mario Casella, Catania


late C19 early C20

Mario & Gaetano Casella, Catania


Luigi Caserta, Naples


Giuseppe Casini, Naples

F. Cassaro & G. Rompoli, Napoli

student of de Meglio

Castanieri, Naples

Giuseppe Carlo Castini & Figli




Felice Cavalliacci

(courtesy of John Friesen)

Fratelli Cavallini, Naples

Claudio Cavelli, Naples

Umberto Ceccherini, Naples





G. Cerpi

Giuseppe Cesolari, Roma



Giuseppe Cesolari, Roma

Giovanni Chiapolini, Naples

Angelo Christini, Naples



Ernesto des Cicco



Luigi Cinci, Naples

Cincirinella, Naples

Vincenzo Cioffi, Naples

Claudet & Figli


G. Colombo


'Conora', Catania


Contegiacomo, Torino

Giuseppe Indelicato Contarino, Catania

Corelli, Naples


La Corona


Luigi Corradotti & Figli, Roma

Angelo Corsini, Naples

  late C19 early C20  

L. Crescentini, Naples

Carlo Crispi, Naples


Carlo Cristini, Naples

E de Cristofaro, Naples

C. Cucinotta, Catania



Antonio Curatoli, Naples

Fratelli Curci, Naples