Italian Neapolitan Mandolin Makers Alphabetic 5  

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Builders Alphabetical List

   These are photos that I have collected over the years on the internet. The information about each is often very limited. I have had to rely on the spelling of others taken from Italian labels, often torn, dirty, or partly missing. So, it is possible that some of the instruments are in fact by the same maker, even though I may have attributed it to a name spelt a little differently. Any thoughts or extra information would be very useful.


Luigi Tamagno

Romano Giulio Tartaglio, Rome


Fratelli Tassinari, Naples

Giovanni Tedesco, Naples


Macchitella Terigi, Brindisi

Francesco Testori, Naples

Raffaelle Tieri (student of Frat. Vinaccia), Naples

F Tito-Matini, Naples



Giuseppe Toloni, Naples

Luigi Tomagno

Pietro Tonelli, Naples

A. Torelli, Naples


Luigi Torelli

Santi Grasso Toscano, Catania


Pietro Totelli, Naples



Carlo Uberti, Catania

Giuseppe Uglis, Catania

Fratelli Umberto

(Naples or made at Mirecourt Fr.)

Unica (1938), Naples


Luigi Uriani, Naples

Luigi Ussano & Figli.


Giuseppe Valapiglia

Raffaelle Valente

Antone Valletti, Naples

Paolo Valiani & Figl., Naples


Achille Vanucci, Naples


PaoloVatini & Figli, Naples

Domenico Ventarola, Naples

Giuseppe Venzana, Naples

'Vesuvio', Naples

Cesare Vianello, Naples


Guido Vicentini, Naples

Luigi Vicentini, Naples

Fratelli Vinaccia


Gaetano Vinaccia, Naples

Gennaro Vinaccia

Giuseppe Vinaccia


Pasquale Vinaccia, Naples


Raffaele Wazzardi, Naples


Vittorio Zamaronni, Naples

G Zaniban, Padova

Domenico Zanoni, Naples


Luigi Zelweger, Biella


Below you will find some of the many Neapolitan mandolins, (though maybe not all Italian) some very decorative, which sadly are not attributed to any maker, either by omission of the vendor, or by virtue of no discernable label....

      probably by Martello      
  Now identified as Carlo Crispi

(thanks to Hans Eriksson)

          possibly a Puglisi