New Instruments

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New hand-made instruments, built to your specifications. Prices will depend on specification. Any of the features displayed by an instrument could be incorporated in another if required.

As build to order, I do not generally carry a stock of finished instruments. Currently NOT building in prep for a move.



Mandolin Deep-bodied

Irish Bouzouki Maple

Irish Bouzouki Rosewood

Long scale Irish Bouzouki

Youtube Youtube Youtube      




Pocket Mandolin





   I have also undertaken a few one-off projects for friends over the years, and there are a couple of my own awaiting a calmer moment... :)




Bowl back

Milanese mandolin

Bouzouki Trad. style Waldzither

Bowed Irish bouzouki


(Click  on the titles for more information on each instrument. Some of the videos here are by friends I have persuaded to play for me.)

   There are two possibilities when ordering any of the instruments...

  • a) you can order one as shown, or

  • b) you can order one to your own specifications, with some choice of woods, fittings and decoration. 

   An instrument normally takes two to three months to make once I  begin, though there are often several partly completed units in the workshop. There is however often a waiting list....... Once the instrument is completed, it will be despatched by post, on receipt of agreed payment.

Contact me if you are interested in one of these instruments.

 Details of the construction of these instruments can be found on the Construction Page, but also on

 the Mandolin Hospital Facebook Page