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Bowl backs

Typically Italian though made in many countries.

roundback01.JPG (24097 bytes)

Flat backs

Many have a slight curvature of the back, though not all.

flatback01.JPG (12982 bytes)

Arch tops

Typically American, these mandolins have tops carved from solid wood, and often a much higher bridge.

mandolin07.jpg (48366 bytes)
Arch backs

Typically German, the back often displays marquetry patterns and a very distinct curvature.

archback01.JPG (18150 bytes) Mandriolas

Popular in central Europe, these instruments have 4 triple courses of strings.

12string01.JPG (12925 bytes) Miscellaneous

Modern mandolins can come in many shapes, sizes and materials.

freshwater01.JPG (13846 bytes)
Irish Bouzouki

A shorter scaled bouzouki than the original Greek instrument.

Greek Bouzouki

Traditionally 6, but now usually 8 string versions.

Bandurria and Laud

Fixed bridge but often confused with a mandolin.

Fado Mandolin Mandolin Banjos

became popular after the mandolin in the 1920s and 30s.


a German cittern with a floating bridge.

Repair Galleries

Photos of some of the mandolin repairs I have undertaken.


Photos of some of the mandola repairs I have undertaken.


Photos of some of the other instruments I have repaired.

Private repairs

Some of the instruments that I have repaired for private individuals.