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Giovanni de Meglio

   The de Meglio shop itself made thousands of mandolins in the period from about 1895 to 1910, all following a very distinct house styles with the scratchplate incorporating the soundhole, with a floral inlay (several designs), distinctive side holes in the bowl and a string-tensioner between the bridge and tailpiece. In addition to the vast number made by de Meglio, there were dozens of other shops that made close imitations. This eventually irritated de Meglio so much, that they included ever more lurid copyright notices and warnings against imitators on their labels. 

Giovanni de Meglio

Giovanni de Meglio 1895



Giovanni & Gherado de Meglio 1920


typical de Meglio scratchplate and tensioner arrangement

Model 1A label 1915

Model A label 1903

typical de Meglio side holes

Vincenzo de Meglio 1905

Vincenzo de Meglio 1904

Vincenzo de Meglio 1906