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7. Old Tannhauser mandola (654)  175 euros new
Larger photos are available on request.

Old German domeback mandola

This is a domeback mandola made in Germany. It is now sound and playing well, and set up a mandola in CGDA...... it has an almost indecipherable topstamp which undoubtedly says.....


GDR Regstrd

It has the original finger-board with 17 original re-levelled brass frets. The spruce top is now sound with 1 centre join repair. The back is now sound with several seam repairs, but now re-enforced inside. The tuners are originals, the bridge and tail are new. The instrument has been completely refinished with shellac and Tru-oil. It has been strung as a mandola in CGDA, and is now playing well with a full, ringing, sonorous sound and a light action, sustain and volume, esp. on the lower strings is fairly good.

Other than cleaning, I have carried out the following work on this instrument: 1) repaired several seams in the back; 2) repaired the open centre join in the top; 3) levelled and dressed the original frets; 4) refinished with Tru-oil; 5) made and fitted a new bridge; 6) fitted a new tailpiece; and 7) strung and set up.

Mandola Specifications (In Millimetres)

Overall Length of mandola


Width at widest point


Approx. Depth of mandola

130mm at bridge.


Refinished in shellac and Tru-oil.

Belly wood

Book-matched, spruce. Centre join repair.

Sound hole

Oval, approx. 70 x 45mm


In good condition, some MOP


Seven piece, domed, stained maple back. Heavily repaired but now sound and re-enforced inside.

Neck and Head

Single-piece, neck and head, in stained maple.


Maple, good condition.


Original. 17 original relevelled brass frets. Position markers at 5, 7 and 12. New bone nut.

Machine heads

Original steel and brass open tuners, all working.


New in steel with 8 string hooks, and strap hook.


New rosewood and brass shelf bridge...

Scale Length Bridge to nut

Scale of 420mm

G string height at bridge


E string height at bridge


12th fret to bottom string (Action)


12th fret to top string (Action)1.5


Width of fretboard at nut


Width of fretboard at widest point