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                    To restore the old mandolins I work on, because of the type of tail-piece they have, I sometimes need to fit a sleeve guard. Like repro bridges, I have failed to find a supplier of these, (even the tortoise-shell celluloid is expensive and difficult to find), so I have been forced to make them myself. They are all made by hand in my workshop using chisels craft knives and files.

                 I have taken existing patterns from old sleeve guards as my models, and for convenience named them after the instrument they were seen on. Below are those I make to date, with prices, that represent the cost of materials, plus a few Euros for the hour or so it takes to make one.

Sleeve Guards 10
Future sleeve guards may include other models, and will not necessarily match in colour, as dictated by the celluloid I am able to acquire.

    These sleeve guards are designed to be used primarily with the small, Italian-style tail-pieces with 4 brass string posts. 

     The thin tail fits between the centre 2 posts, (left photo below) over the strings, and is held in place by the 2 small 'ears' at the top, (right photo below) which are tucked under the outer 2 strings. If the tail needs bending to shape, this can be done by hand, or by softening the tail in hot water first.

      I have seen similar on German mandolins with 4 string hooks and no 'kidney' tail-piece, though these have usually been of aluminium.

Picture to follow
As above
Orange T/S between centre posts ears under outer strings Yellow T/S