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Tools  All the instruments are hand made in my workshop in France. Apart from the usual hand tools, I use 2 vices, (a fixed and a moveable), a band saw for rough cutting, two routers, (a normal router and a small Dremel one), an electric bending iron, and a home made arrangement for hot hide glue. The workshop is heated and has a de-humidifier, to maintain a constant temperature and humidity, and a small vacuum cleaner set up as a dust extractor. Over the last 2 years I have gradually equipped myself with some more specialised tools, such as a mini-router, but essentially started with basic woodworking equipment.

Tool board 1 2-wheel band saw Assortment of clamps
Some of the files The main saws 'violin' clamps


Jigs   A variety of jigs are used at various stages of construction, in order to clamp the instrument while wood sets in a certain shape, while glue dries, or simply to hold pieces whilst work is done on them. This is a selection that is not exhaustive. Also I often find it necessary to construct 'one-off' jigs as solution to specific problems, especially in repairs.

 Body clamp jigs. Adjustable holding jig. Neck shaping jig.
Head veneering clamp. Neck supports. Cauls for clamping