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Purfling  Purfling is fitted on some of the instruments, and can be varied according to taste, but it is difficult and time-consuming.

The slot for the purfling is marked out with a purfling cutter and then routed by hand. Flexible purfling is then slotted and glued into place in the slot. Here purfling has been 'cauled up' to maintain an even pressure all round whilst the glue dries.

After the glue has set, the purfling is sanded back flush with the top.

Here sound-hole purfling receives the same treatment.



Inlay  At present inlay is limited to a small piece on the head and marker dots on the fingerboard, but it is intended to produce some more heavily inlaid models when time allows.

Thin pieces of Mother of Pearl, need great care when being cut out on a small jig. I use a jewellers saw for this work, and a very good light source.



Armrest   The armrest is fitted to some of the instruments, both as a distinctive feature and again to allow the belly to vibrate freely.

Here the armrest and truss rod cover have just received a first coat of varnish. The armrest is built of two thin layers of wood, rosewood and sycamore, with the grains running in different directions, to reduce the chance of splitting. Here clamped to a mandriola..... and here to a mandolin.